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Timeless as glass, 2019
Inkjet print on cotton paper 320gr
110 x 83,41 cm

Timeless as glass is the first of a series of works that result from plate glass negatives. A silver mirroring is covering almost the entire surface of all of them. These negatives were found in London, where I eventually discovered that during World War I, the Great Depression and also during World War II, they were massively destroyed. At the time the priority was to melt and recovery all the silver content from these negatives that was then used to military purposes. Silver is one of the main elements of these negatives since its sensitization is done in a silver bath. The idea was get as much silver as possible for the war.


There is an ironic twist in the sovereignty that silver assumes on the surface of these glasses; silver, which had been the main reason for others to destroy its support, eventually reverses its role – now it is the very presence of destruction, which is imposed on the memory of the glass negative, as also it becomes the only and great survivor.


I wanted to preserve this punch of humor, so the resulting works assume their pure materiality without any manipulation.


AnaMary Bilbao, February 2019

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