(essay from the catalog published for the group exhibition Mental thing.Works of António Cachola Collection | this show included works of the following artists: Pedro Barateiro; AnaMary Bilbao; José Pedro Croft; Francisco Tropa; João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva; João Leornado; Maria Lusitano; João Queiroz; Rui Sanches; Marta Soares)

«AnaMary Bilbao’s two drawings (or are they paintings?), sheets of paper containing deliberately salvaged palimpsests – those irretrievable initial gestures –, explore memory in abstract terms. It is not so much memory, as a vernacular historicism which reveals episodes from the past, that interests the artist, but the transfiguration of the mnemonic process into pure plastic form, simultaneously bringing together revelation and concealment.»*

Ana Cristina Cachola, March 2014
Translated by Kennis Translations (Lucy Phillips)
*this is just an excerpt from the original text
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